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Eddie and Regina are pleased to announce the release of her very first CD
Below, you can listen to samples, and find ordering information

CD photography by Clay Nations

**Click on underlined song titles to hear samples**


Mountain Music 
C. Arkansas

What's That Song Doing on the Radio

M. Arkansas ,   S. Brown

R & E Swimmer,  M. Whitwell,  D. Shur

Everybody Said (Life Goes On)

K & C Arkansas

Heartache # 2
M. Arkansas

Tinted Windows
R & E Swimmer,  M. Whitwell,  D. Shur

One Step Closer (To Staying)

R & E Swimmer,  M. Whitwell,   D. Shur

Do You Ever Think Of Me

K. Arkansas

There's Still Water In The Well

D. Livingston 

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The CD is $15.00, which includes postage and handling.

If you would like to purchase Regina's CD, You can use
a printable order form, by clicking HERE

Or send complete shipping instructions and a check or money order payable to:

R and E Swimmer

P.O. Box 2354
Cherokee, NC  28179

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